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CALI Strong VIP Ambassador Program

VIPCALI Strong VIP Insider is an organic grassroots Brand Ambassador Program for CALI Strong athletes, models, spokespeople and fans.  Created to recognise and reward our supporters’ love and passion for the CALI Strong dream.

Through the VIP Insider Program, we seek to:

  • Increase awareness of the CALI Strong story.
  • Connect and Build CALI Strong emotion and loyalty.
  • Recruit the strong for the CALI Strong vision.

CALI Strong VIP Insider Benefits

  1. vipCardAccess to Hidden Secret VIP areas of the CALI Strong website closed to the public. It is true speakeasy access available to VIP’s only.
  2. Buy Exclusive & Limited Edition VIP CALI Strong Gear never to be made available to the public. Insider Only means insider only.
  3. Early Access to New CALI Strong Products. Buy new gear weeks, months, or years before the public will know they even exist. You get to know and own the future before anyone else.
  4. Access to FREE CALI Strong Swag not available to the public.
  5. Get Exclusive VIP only Discount Pricing on products.
  6. Gain Special Buddy Treatment for Your Crew. Your family and friends gain special perks and discounts because of your earned status and respect.
  7. Get Special Retail Partner VIP Pricing at other stores and events in California and around the world. Our friends become your friends.
  8. Earn MyReward Points  faster as a VIP. Get extra chances for earning huge bonus MyReward Points to redeem for anything in the CALI Strong Store.
  9. Give Early Access Feedback to CALI Strong Prototypes. Use your skills and experience to make the future.

Level5There are 5 levels of VIP’s with Level 5 being the highest VIP rank. Rise in VIP rank by the quality and sincerity of your online social activity.

In our vision, VIP’s are a big part of the CALI Strong family and future.

Because CALI Strong only recruits and hires from family, only Level 5 VIP’s have the  potential to become full-time sales and marketing staff.

SocialChannels#IAmCALIStrong: Social Channels

What is expected of a CALI Strong VIP Insider?

  1. Share CALI Strong’s Story on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter with your own creative posts and tag with #IAmCALIStrong and mention @CALIStrongUSA.
    *It is important to hashtag any and all posts with #IAmCALIStrong and try to mention @CALIStrongUSA. The hashtag is the most important. It is through the hashtag #IAmCALIStrong that we learn about and reward VIP activity anywhere on the internet.
  2. Upload & tag with #IAmCALIStrong videos and pictures of you and your friends living the CALI Strong life. The more creative will receive additional CALI Strong MyReward Points and status recognition. Link any shared content to the CALI Strong Facebook Public Group.
  3. Share and Comment Social Posts by CALI Strong and get your friends interacting and talking.
    Facebook Share, Comment and LIKE

    Facebook Share, Comment and LIKE

    Twitter Retweet and Favorite

    Twitter Retweet and Favorite


  4. Share Product Pages from using our Smart Sharing Buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn
    Direct Store Sharing

    Direct Store Sharing using Smart Sharing Buttons

  5. Use the Refer-A-Friend Button and Link on to invite your friends and family via Email, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn to our online store.


    When you click Refer-A-Friend, you can see your history of your activity using  our Smart Sharing Buttons and Refer-A-Friend Invites in our online store.

    Track Your Progress

    Track Your Progress

  6. Recruit new amazing VIP’s for the CALI Strong cause.
  7. Register Yourself on CALI Strong Web Properties
    1. Like the CALI Strong Facebook Fan Page:
    2. Signup on the CALI Strong Facebook NewsLetter:
Sign Up for the VIP Newsletter

Sign Up for the VIP Newsletter

Facebook Public Group

Facebook Public Group

Create a store account

Create a store account

  • Email your full name, your social account names, your phone number, and mailing address with zip code to

As a CALI Strong VIP Ambassador your online social activity of both you and your friends will be tracked. We will see and hear what you do to help us grow, and we will thank you for it.

Top VIP contributors in spreading the CALI Strong story will be thanked with gifts of CALI Strong merchandise, extreme VIP only discounts, travel prizes, bonus redeemable CALI Strong MyReward Points, and rare VIP only gear.

If you have any questions about joining our family, email or call 480-228-3517.

Good Luck!

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